Love Me Like a 90s Romance

Now if you’re in your 20s like me or have yet to reach or maybe have been in this age bracket for a while, then you’ve noticed something about males these days. A pattern. Now before you roll your eyes and acknowledge the idea that this is probably going to be a post about bashing the opposite sex, take a moment and hear me out bro. Not all of us hate the male species, but really let’s be honest. When was the last time a guy swept you off of your feet and made you feel like you were in a 90s romance?

When was the last time you thought about someone loving you like a New Edition song? “If it isn’t love, why do I feel this way? Why does she stay on my mind? ” Hear me out ladies. Be honest. Have you ever really dreamed of a guy singing around the house, doing choreography like Ralph (New Edition reference) did in the “If It Isn’t Love” music video just because he thought about you 24/7? Yeah neither have I. Why? Because this generation would rather love us like a video girl in a trap song.

Don’t get me wrong! I’ve passed my share of Prince Charmings willing to sweep me off my feet, and knew how to treat a lady because they loved their mothers just oh so much but really. How long could it last?

Just long enough till I saw that the 90s romance also came with the 2005 antics, the 2017 heartache, insecurities, and trust issues.

*Rolls eyes*

Earlier I was watching interviews on the New Edition biopic cast, and questioned myself about the music from the 90s. Could you imagine cheating on a man, and having him not only lose sleep over you, but BEG you to come back? He’ll move heaven and hell for you just to have back the love of his life. Bro. Come onnnnn. *Groans* When I couldn’t even get my ex boyfriend to say sorry after he’d screwed up? That persistence, and blood, sweat, and tears doesn’t exist anymore.

It does, but everyone wants it overnight.What it’s called? Uh…uh…*Snaps fingers* Bae goals. Back in the 90s, didn’t matter what Sarah was doing with Tyrone or what Heather was doing with Billy, because they weren’t US. For all we know, while Sarah was bitching about Tyrone, Tyrone was holding Sarah at night singing, “I’ll make love to you. Like you want me to. And I’ll hold you tight, baby all through the night….” Being in a relationship in this day and age, isn’t about growing and building. It’s not about staying under the wraps and worrying about each other. It’s about competition. who can be the cutest.

Being so focused on looking happy, forgetting that everything is falling apart in front of you. Suffering a heartbreak and rushing off into the next person’s arms without healing yourself.

Take it from me. Even at the age of 20,I’ve spent more than enough time breaking apart parts of me to put someone else back together again. Come to me as a whole, and nothing less. But what do I know? I’m only 20 right? *Rolls eyes* Tell that to someone who’s had their share of 4 hour tear filled conversations with her best friends. tell that to the girl, who gave her all expecting to be held all those late nights like Patrick Swayze did to Demi Moore in the 1990 classic Ghost,  but instead ended up singing off key, “I Will Always Love You” as if she were Whitney in the shower while she tried to scrub away his touch on her skin. Love me like a 90s romance or don’t love me at all.




3 thoughts on “Love Me Like a 90s Romance

  1. Firstly, love your style of writing 🙂 I definitely think that this is very relatable to many ladies out there in their 20s. I’m also in my 20s, but I am married, so I guess you could say that I have found that man who swept me off my feet (sometimes literally). Through that, though, I’ve learned that chivalry is not dead… Often times we just look in the wrong places expecting to find it (I learned that lesson the hard way and more than once!) Anyhoo… Your blog is super cute and classy and I am definitely looking forward to reading more! Have a beautiful day and happy blogging!

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    1. Thank you sooooo much 💕 I appreciate that! I myself am tired of this charade in dating already and have had multiple conversations with even guys about why there’s no reason to be bitter and angry over someone and your past with them. Chivalry isn’t dead but it’s sure as hell hard to find! lol thank you again! I always love input from experienced women ❤️

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