About The One & Only

Uhm what is there to know about Elle? Well first off, it’s an alias.

I like to be incognito.

 Think of me as the anonymous tipper who seems to pop up at the right time all the time. Other than my alias, everything I post will be true-every story. Yeah very nitty gritty stuff if I may add.

 I’m 20, in college and navigating life through various situations that seem to put me in the most awkward predicaments. Like some females I’ve had my SHARE of hell in my love life. Heart’s been broken once or twice. I’m still here, right? Yes you can come back from it. Yes you can come back from the pain. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel.

And guess what? You’ll be knocked down and have to start all over again. And you’ll survive. I promise.

But who’s to say that I won’t be awesome amidst falling flat on my tear stained face and shoving a pint of Ben & Jerry’s down my throat? Join me for the ride. You won’t miss out. And feel free to shoot me a message and suggest topics for me to touch on. ❤️